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Abit Mainboard IC7-MAX3 BIOS Version 1.3 download

Category BIOS & System Update
Subcategory Abit
Platform DOS
Release 30 Oct 2003
License Free
Update 24 Jan 2004
File size 390 Kb
Description Abit Mainboard IC7-MAX3 BIOS Version 1.3.Fixed the problem that the hard disk on IDE-1 may not be detected by when `OnChip SATA` is set to RAID.Fixed the problem that CAS latency can not be set manually when the CPU: DRAM is set to PSB800/5:4 or PSB800/3:2.Remove some string in `PnP/PCI Configuration`.Fixed the problem that system will reboot instead of shutdown when the `Wake Up by Alarm` is enabled.Fixed the problem that there will be some wording error when set `Time Alarm`.Fixed the problem that the system will shutdown if the fan speed is too low and the `Shutdown When CPU FAN Fail` is enabled.Enhance USB card reader compatibility.Add Pentium 4 Extreme Edition support.Fixed HDD size detected as 136GB when 200/250/300 GB SATA drives are connected to SATA1 or SATA2 (ICH5 SATA channels)Fixed the problem that certain CD/DVD-ROM could not be correctly detected when there is a HDD drive attached on the same IDE cable.BIOS compile date: 10/30/2003


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