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Logitech ScanMan Color 2000 Driver Patch 1.0 Windows 95/98 download

Category Scanner Drivers
Subcategory Logitech
Platform Windows 95/98
Version 1.0
Release 27 Jan 2004
License Freeware
Update 25 Feb 2004
File size 84 KB
Description This patch is for the ScanMan Color 2000 when the Speed Indicator light turns red immediately. This software patch applies ONLY to ScanMan Color 2000 multilingual release of the software. If you do not have this combination, please do not install this patch.

This patch was developed by Logitech to correct the issue that occurs when you press the button on the scanner to begin a scan, and the speed indicator light will go full red (indicating too fast) even though you have not moved the scanner.


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